Mclaren Vale's Oldest Church: A Blessed Business Opportunity

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Mclaren Vale's Oldest Church: A Blessed Business Opportunity
Mclaren Vale's Oldest Church: A Blessed Business Opportunity

The Australian real estate market never ceases to surprise the investors interested in the development of commercial structures. A plethora of opportunities is doled out from the vast expanse of land of this country which is utilised to build offices, warehouses, industries, and more such facades. The fourth-largest state of the nation, South Australia is one such land of arid regions which is world famous for its wine and the vibrant Adelaide metropolitan area.

Located close to the metropolis is the charming locality of McLaren Vale, which emerged as a township way back in 1923. The region is highly popular for its myriad wineries and is home to cellars and wine tasting rooms. The mesmerising lush vineyards and scenic beauty have made it a hot-favourite among the travellers who visit the town for its salubrious climate and eclectic food scene. The growing interest of the population and rising settlements in the region have opened doors of opportunities for small businesses which are now operating successfully here.

Naturally, many ancient buildings are being renovated and converted into commercial spaces such as restaurants, supermarkets and offices to play along with the changing times. If you too are looking for commercial real estate for sale in Australia, then you should not look beyond this locality.


Beaches And Wine Make McLaren Vale Unique

The best part about this lively area is that it is only 40 kilometres away from the bustling capital city of Adelaide. Offering the perfect quaint lifestyle, McLaren Vale offers the advantage of enjoying the city shenanigans as well as relaxing in the countryside. It would not be difficult for people to travel back and forth every day as Adelaide is easily accessible through all the available transport systems – bus, car, and bicycle.

The amazing landscape of the township offers mesmerising ocean views, sandy beaches, and wine tastings to its visitors. Popular for the exquisite Shiraz wines, the region has a 9-km Shiraz Trail for connoisseurs who want to sample its unique flavour. Besides Shiraz, McLaren Vale has gained worldwide fame for Grenache wines.The industry is well-established in the vicinity and the McLaren Vale Grape, Wine & Tourism Association represents over 500 business entities running successfully here. There is scope for several other businesses besides the usual wine, tourism and food businesses.

Consequently, many investors are now looking at expanding their investment portfolio with a property in McLaren Vale. Many historical sites are being amped up for sale as they lie in a fast-growing area which promises various opportunities for development of commercial properties. A timeless gem from these structures will be up for sale in a few days and it is the oldest church of McLaren Vale. The property will be auctioned on March 23, 2019.

In the past as well many such properties have fetched an astonishing price which goes to show their demand among buyers. In fact, churches have made a sort of stronghold as commercial properties with the renewed interest of investors in their redevelopment.


Heritage Listed Church In Prime Location

Deemed as a blessed opportunity, the church located on the main street of McLaren Vale is waiting for a new owner who can revamp it and utilise it as a commercial property. The heritage listed site is a part of the cultural history of the locality and has now become a booming area for the mushrooming of a variety of businesses. Built in 1861, it can become an exceptional office space with expansive floor area.

For the past many years, it is being used as a singing gallery where many musical events have taken place. Recently, it was transformed a bit to create a garden and came to be known as the Groove Garden Music Venue which is still operational. Spanning 866sqm, the church is located in the heart of the town and an ever-busy precinct. It is bang opposite to the Ellis Park which enjoys constant foot-traffic. Food and wine tourism are on the rise here and the weekends are usually packed for all the small businesses in the vicinity.

The influx of tourists is an added feature which is luring many property investors who have started inquiring about its price. The Church is in close proximity of 90-odd wineries which makes its position all the more desirable. 


The Well-Appointed Property

The well-maintained and still young looking church has an amazing architecture which boasts of leadlight windows, rich timber flooring, original stonework and a mezzanine floor as well as a fully loaded kitchen. The property has a bathroom and renovation can easily turn it into a congenial office set up which can be utilised by a small business. The area is already zoned for business purposes and investors can benefit from this fact.

It even allows the use of the property for both an office and house. Thus owner/operators or a team of husband and wife who are planning to start their own business can purchase this property and leverage its strategic location for the enhancement of their venture. Many old churches are being sold in NSW and other regions for the same reason and these ancient places of worship have now become successful commercial establishments ranging from health clubs and cafes to offices and apartments.

Many architects are taking the pains to maintain the attributes of the original structure while renovating them to preserve and honour them. It is like giving a new lease of life to these antique buildings to make them a commercial hub for the community.



With a legacy that is hard to miss, these old churches have stood the test of time with grace. As the generations passed on and many moved away to the cities, these structures kept waiting for a new life. With the auction of the McLaren Vale church and other similar structures, these are now coming back into the mainstream with a bang. If you too wish to purchase a commercial property for sale in Australia, do not forget to attend this auction.      

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