Is Video Marketing More Effective When Promoting Commercial Real Estate Listings?

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Is Video Marketing More Effective When Promoting Commercial Real Estate Listings?
Is Video Marketing More Effective When Promoting Commercial Real Estate Listings?

The commercial real estate is a more complex domain than the housing sector as it is more highly-priced and can be challenging to maintain. The industry has been showing positive growth signs for the past five years and will continue to expand. With rising investment in the sector and increased development of projects, the revenue has strengthened and reached the mark of $1 trillion in 2017-18. From high-end skyscrapers catering to the blue-chip companies to compact office complexes for small and medium-sized enterprises – there are a variety of constructions being bought, rented and sold throughout the country.

Consequently, the need for effective marketing of these buildings is taking precedence to get the best companies to buy or lease them. Generating buzz around a commercial real estate for sale in Australia is not just about printing premium sales brochures. It requires a profound marketing strategy to push the listing in the marketplace. With the digital medium upstaging all other promotion channels, it has become imperative to choose the customer touch points with discretion.

Being omnipresent is not going to help because an unattractive and boring message would be completely rejected by the audience suffering from an attention-deficit. The key to success lies in piquing the interest of the buyers by creating a vicarious experience which showcases the asset in an attractive light. Obviously, video steals the thunder from all other vehicles of information broadcasting. It involves both the viewing and listening senses of the viewer and gives very little time to stray or get distracted.

A video has the capability of wowing a client with the representation of the property and engaging them for further discussion. Videos are eye-catching and memorable and invoke action in comparison to text messages on business listing websites or posts on social media pages. It is not surprising that most of the content shared online these days comprises videos.

It has been estimated that approximately 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube everyday and the number keeps increasing. The extent and impact of video messaging is enormous. Since most of the real estate buyers refer to the internet for information on new properties on the market, it will be imprudent not to leverage this marketing tactic for rewarding gains. So if you are trying to effectively market a development land deal or any other commercial property, you must know about the value of this remarkable tool.  


1.  Videos Offer A More Immersive Experience

Adding videos of the properties to the listings is an impressive way of presenting the structure which is up for sale. It adds a visual medium which can be utilised by the buyers to explore the property and experience it while sitting in their homes. It gives a virtual tour of the premises in a few minutes through creative 3D models which define the actual dimensions of the facade.

The buyer doesn’t have to visit the property to understand its look and feel. It can be all done remotely from a distance. The high-quality reproduction of the proposed project is more successful in bringing investment rather than an article or a blog which may be too boring to read. Also, it is easier to engage the on-the-go buyers through videos playing on their mobile phones.  


2.  Variety of Content

There are a plethora of channels through which one can reach the target audience online. From the favourite social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to forums and real estate discussion threads – there are umpteen places to upload the marketing videos.

Additionally, you can create diverse content such as listing videos, testimonials, surrounding commercial area videos to attract seasoned buyers, brokerage videos, real estate agent’s biographical videos for credibility and much more. With the help of a high-end Smartphone, anyone can capture a high-quality video. However, one must make sure to keep it professional and focussed on the buyers.  


3.  Competitive Advantage

The Smartphone wielding digital generation spares no time in launching the search engine and looking for information. They are bombarded with advertisements and information from a variety of sources. Videos are the best way to grab the attention of the buyer in the clutter and stand out from the crowd.

Offering a respite from stagnant messages of competitors, videos evoke a feeling or credibility as the audience is able to see the product being sold. According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers prefer to watch marketing videos over text and images. It beholds their attention and makes them spend more time on your promotional content and most likely influence them to make a purchase offer. 


4.  Effective Tracking of the Results

With textual posts on social media and blogs, it becomes difficult to understand the impact of the information being sent out. Through analytics, you can only get the data about the number of views but no information about the curiosity or leads it generated. You cannot gauge if the entire piece was read by the viewer or which part intrigued them the most.

However, with videos, it becomes easier to comprehend the impact of the message. You can use analytics to find out when the viewer stopped watching the video, how many people saw it partially, and how many led to action. Tracking individualised results makes this marketing tool even more promising and useful.


5.  Increasing Conversions

Virtual tours for an in-depth understanding of the size and space, panoramic videos to get an idea of the locality, drone videos for an aerial view of the property and construction update videos – all kinds of video marketing is available today to attract the prospective buyers. These allow the seller to give the buyers an experience of the offering in a quick time.

A massive number of buyers feel that videos help them in making the purchase decision. According to Google, 40% of YouTube users checked out a product video before making a purchase. Since they influence the potential renters and buyers positively, they increase the chances of conversions. Also, if the videos are uploaded to your website, then the buyers will stick around for a longer time and would not be easily distracted to jump to another site. 


In today’s fast-paced digital world, engaging people is the most complicated task for sellers. That is why people putting up commercial real estate for sale in Australia are using video marketing to promote their estate and generate potential leads.   

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